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New Bodies

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Model Capacity
(3'-5' Sides)
10' 8.9-14.8 cubic yds.
11' 9.8-16.3 cubic yds.
12' 10.7-17.8 cubic yds.
13' 11.6-19.3 ccubic yds.
14' 12.4-20.7 cubic yds.
15' 13.3-22.2 cubic yds.
16' 14.2-23.7 cubic yds.
17' 15.1- 25.2 cubic yds.
18' 16-26.7 cubic yds.
We manufacture and install quality dump bodies to your specifications. To the right, is a chart to help you find the dump body that would best fit your need. This list is not all inclusive. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Flat beds and water tankers can also be manufactured and installed to your specifications.
We also manufacture and install asphalt chutes, barn gates, high lift gates, lift axles, and rollover tarp systems

Dump Trucks. Tractors. Sleepers. Heavy Equipment. Fuel And Lube Trucks.
Service Trucks. Stone Slinger Trucks Water Trucks. End Dump Trailers. Lowboy Trailers.
Premium 2000+ Commercial Truck Warranties, Medium to Heavy Duty, Class 3-8
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Red backround, becomes darker as it spreads out.